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Frequently Asked Medicinal Marijuana Questions

For those with different aliments Medical Marijuana can help with various symptoms related to AIDS, anorexia, cancer, nausea & vomiting, epilepsy, glaucoma. multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, migraines and more.  Your doctor can help determine if medical marijuana can help you.

Only a licensed California doctor can provide you with a recommendation for a medical Marijuana card.  There are many resources on the internet check your local listings.  See for example, www.canorml.org.  The state of California issues you a medical marijuana identification card, and are considered the form of proof of your status as a medical marijuana patient.  Your county may also have a medical marijuana identification card program.  Check your county website for more information.

California law provides a legal safe harbor for medical marijuana identification card holders and their primary caregivers to obtain and carry up to 8 ounces of medical marijuana.  If your doctor recommendation shows that 8 ounces does not meet your medical needs, you may posses an amount of medical marijuana consistent with your needs.  Counties and cities may adopt regulations that allow you to possess  more than 8 ounces.  Check your local city and county ordinances for more information.

Marijuana has 2 active ingredients “ THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidol). Both produce psychoactive effects.  The realtive amounts of these 2 ingredients create different medicinal effects.  The kind medical marijuana you obtain is a matter of preference, and depends on which works best for each individual patients needs.

A medical marijuana edible is a favored method of consumption for many patients who prefer not to smoke it.  Edibles are a food products infused with marijuana.  The dosage varies in edibles.  You should be able to check the package for the amount.  The effects could take any where from 45 minutes to and hour and a half to take effect, and can last for 6 to 8 hours.  Test your edibles by eating smaller amounts to start.

Anywhere from 5%to a maximum of 32%.  Though the maximum amount doesn’t necessarily mean the strain is better, the average amount is 9-15%.  It really is a personal preference.

There are two different species of cannabis plants that produce different strains and effects.  Indica strains are sedatives and relaxants.  While sativa strains are more of a stimulant and can help with increasing your appetite.  Both have different benefits, and your doctor can help assisting with which is better for your individual needs.

NO! Even if you are part of a collective or cooperative, medical marijuana may only be (1) provided free; (2) provided in exchange for services rendered to the collective; (3) allocated based on fees that are reasonably calculated to cover overheads and costs and operating expenses; or (4) any combination of the aforementioned.


The FAQ page is intended to be for informational purposes only.  Depending on your particular questions, please consult with either your doctor or a lawyer for information specific to your needs.