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Hip Joynt Farms

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Our Story

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Tucked away and showered with warm rays of sunshine in the Mendocino County California Countryside.  Hip Joynt Farms was founded in "2011" with a passion to create a High Quality, Craft Cannabis Company, with a focus on Quality in Cultivation.  Cultivation that starts with our organically amended soils through our privately propagated strains.   We pride ourselves on being environmentally conscious, using green growing practices as well as water conservation and light adaptation.  Being a second-generation cannabis farm, our families have hailed from and have been in Mendocino County for over 100 years. 

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Do You Know Where Your Cannabis Comes From?

We believe in today's marketplace it is becoming more crucial to trust where and how your product originates. From seed, to growth, through flower, to processing structure. At Hip Joynt Farms we strive to practice Green and Organic Growing methods, to bring you the highest quality Full Spectrum Craft Cannabis.  




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Hip Joynt Farms resides in the Heart of Mendocino County at the Gateway to the Redwoods.

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